365 Day Yoga Challenge!!!

I’ve thought long and hard about it… or may be I didn’t. But who cares, I am doing it and you will help me.

In about a month time, or 27th of October to be more precise, I am turning 24. I really have a good feeling about the year and I want to make it even better, or rather make it great. I am trying to accept the fact that your destiny and the circumstances that you find yourself in are manifested by you yourself. So my plan for the year is to create great change within, a change towards a more balanced, mindful and positive existence.

Starting on my birthday itself, 27th of October, I will begin to attend a yoga class everyday. I mean, yoga every day until my 25th birthday! Wow… I am so excited to do this. I am also a bit scared but I know I can!

This challenge does not have any other rules attached, simply to do 365 days of yoga before I turn 365 and if I ever miss a day I would require to compensate for that lost practice on another day by practicing twice.

I completed a 31 day Bikram yoga challenge in October 2013, and that month was crazy and amazing, it also went by before I knew it. However for this challenge I won’t restrict myself by any particular style of yoga. I will practice anything I like from vinyasa, ashtanga, kundalini etc..

I would like to invite YOU to join me on this challenge. If you feel that this challenge resonates with you and calling you, then send me a comment below.


7 Ways to Incorporate Turmeric into your Diet

How to consume turmeric  Turmeric is one of the most health promoting spices that you can have in your pantry. To describe it very briefly it is good for skin, joints, mucus membranes, cleansing the blood and reducing the inflammation. It has been an irreplaceable ingredient in my journey to clear skin.  Regular consumption of turmeric aids in prevention and treatment of various health issues. It is ideal to use for muscle health and recovery by adding it to your post-work out meal. Turmeric also aids  digestion by creating a lining around the stomach and eliminating harmful bacteria and improved gut health leads to reduced inflammation in the body which in turn prevents many diseases. Turmeric has so many health benefits that it is worthy of having its whole separate blog dedicate just to this magical yellow spice. and I will try to cover it in more detail in my future blogs. It is said that to experience all of its health benefits it is recommended to consume at least one teaspoon of turmeric everyday, so here I am sharing seven delicious ways you can spice up your life with turmeric.

1.Add it to porridge

Adding turmeric to porridge is a great way to kickstart your day. Not only is adding turmeric to porridge is great for your health but it also gives a vibrant yellow colour to your porridge bowl. 

2. Blend It

If porridge isn’t your thing, smoothies is another way to have an awesome breakfast and start the day with your daily dose of turmeric. I add turmeric to most of my smoothies, you can play around with quantity and figure out the amount that works best for your taste buds. Try adding turmeric to your favourite smoothie blend and see where it takes you.

3. Rice and shine…

Planning to make any rice dishes for lunch or dinner?  Don’t forget turmeric,  adding turmeric to rice is another great way to up your dose of turmeric intake. Turmeric gives rice a more reach flavour and a nice yellow colour which will complement any dish that you’re making.

4. Soup it

Turmeric is a great addition to soups, you can either add it to the broth or add it along with vegetables when cooking the soup. Either way, it will give your soup a beautiful colour and an amazing taste in addition to all those health benefits.

5. Chai your luck at turmeric tea

Adding turmeric to tea or chai can be super healthy, delicious and an awesome way to have more turmeric in your life.

6. Golden Milk

Golden milk/ turmeric milk

If you haven’t tried golden milk before, you’re in for a treat. Deemed as a very potent drink in Ayurvedic medicine it is recommended to drink a glass every day before bed to prevent and treat various ailments. To learn more about the benefits of Golden Milk here ( http://www.naturallivingideas.com/turmeric-milk-benefits/) is an article that discusses its benefits in more detail.

The preparation of Golden Milk is quick and simple. Pour any plant based milk into a pan on low heat, any milk would do but coconut is recommended in Ayurveda due to its high fat content that helps lubricate the body from the inside. Add turmeric and a dash of black pepper, you can leave it at that or you can also add cardamom, cinnamon, coriander or any other spices to taste. Heat the milk to its desired temperature, do not bring it to boil. To sweeten it up you can add maple syrup, agave or any other healthy sugar alternative of choice.

Golden milk is on of my favourite night time drinks. I love to snuggle in my bed with a warm cup watching a movie or reading a book.

7. Imagination is the Limit.

There is not limit as to how you can use turmeric for cooking. Feel free to experiment and add it your favourite dishes daily. From baked potatoes, to salads to sauces to beverages.

These are seven of my favourite ways of consuming turmeric. Did you find these seven tips helpful? Let me know by commenting below. Was there something that I did not mention? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Menstrual Colics and Natural Remedies

There is nothing like suffering from menstrual colics on a day that you had planned to conquer the world. And although I am here to share some natural remedies that can alleviate the discomfort associated with getting your period it is important to remember that during the first few days of your cycle your body is at its weakest and taking it easy for those couple of days is the best you can do for yourself.

Having experienced my fair share of menstrual colics and other symptoms I have listed here the remedies that I turn to when that time of the month comes. There are times when not only the abdominal pain is excruciating but I also get pretty bad back back pain and even the occasional nausea and vomiting.

There are effective natural remedies and taking panadol and other pain killers should be your last resort, although I personally would never take these pills, for menstrual cramps at least, but that is your personal choice.

So when menstrual cramps strike there are a few things that work wonders for me.

Stinging Nettle Tea


Stinging Nettle can do miracles when it comes to period, and not just relieving menstrual cramps but also regulating your cycle and stabilising your flow.

Making yourself a hot cup of nettle tea can ease menstrual pain almost immediately. I also find it quite delicious.

Nettle tea is easy to find in most places, whether you want to buy it or collect the leaves yourself. You do however have to be very careful if you decide to collect it yourself as it needs to be picked at the right time of the year and only baby leaves should be harvested as older leaves can be harmful to your body due to calcifications. Here is a good video that I found which explains a bit more about what you need to know to collect stinging nettle for consumption. In case you don’t feel adventurous enough to harvest the leaves yourselves you can find nettle tea sold in most health food stores.

Hot Water Bottle


Another one of my heroes when it comes to menstrual cramps is my hot water bottle. I fill it up with hot water and place it on my stomach, usually while I’m sipping on my nettle tea. In fact placing anything that is warm on your stomach can ease your cramps.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of my favourite essential oils for relaxation and it also works wonders for cramps. I usually add a couple of drops of it into my diffuser and let the aroma do its work. If you do not own a diffuser do not worry, placing a drop of lavender oil behind your neck can be just as effective, but do keep in mind the purity of the essential oils that you’re using. If the oils is pure you may burn your skin so make sure you dilute it with sufficient amount of water before rubbing it on your skin.

And last but not least is doing some mild exercise or walking


I am sure we all know this one, and as much as I like to think that it is effective, I do often find myself still in pain during and after the exercise. However I know that this works for many people so I wanted to mention it here. Remember not to get too carried away as straining your body with too much physical activity can actually make the pain worse.

These are the most effective natural methods for combating menstrual cramps that have worked for me. One thing that I do want to mention while I still have your attention here is the effects of drinking cold beverages on your menstrual cramps. Now, there are no scientific evidence but during one of my visits to a doctor in China I have been told that women should avoid drinking cold beverages at all times, as it can affect the cycle and induce menstrual cramps, since I do not usually consume cold drinks anyway it did not have a profound effect on me, however if severe menstrual colics is something that you are suffering from on regular basis I recommend giving this advice from the traditional Chinese medicine a go. I would also love to hear from you, if it has or or hasn’t been helpful.

I hope you found this article useful and if it left you with any questions or uncertainties feel free to comment below or send me a message and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Thank you for reading this,

Till we meet again…