Who is Food Mandala



My name is Marina and I began my journey to veganism and sustainable lifestyle in September of 2015. It was sparked by a number of reasons, one of them being my struggle with acne and unhealthy weight since my early teens. However the biggest influence was when I began to learn more about our meat and dairy industry. I discovered how unsustainable and cruel these industries really are. The way the animals are treated and killed are horrendous and no, there is no such thing as “ethical murder”. I began to realise that animals that we eat are miserable, they are fed and injected with harmful antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals, in addition to the horrible conditions in which they are forced to live, without sufficient space to move or air to breathe. It has occurred to me that the society is deluded thinking that eating these animals is healthy, because putting something in your body that has gone through such intense measures of cruelty and suffering simply cannot be good for us. How can we expect to be happy and healthy when we feed ourselves with dead animals that have only experienced pain and suffering. Since coming to that realisation I stopped eating meat completely and slowly started to decrease my dairy consumption. To this day I am 95% vegan. I do not refrain myself from eating anything that I crave which is why occasionally I do get tempted by non-vegan snacks and desserts especially when they are made by family members however I find myself closer to being a true vegan every day.

Since embarking on a journey to veganism I have started to appreciate nature and plants a lot more, I began to be more aware of environmental issues, air pollution, overpopulation, over consumption and  depletion of resources,  I became more conscious not only of what I eat and what I consume but also of the way I behave with the items that I already own which has lead me on my zero waste journey.

I created this blog to share this journey with you and spread my message and values through to everyone person with whom I share this Earth. I hope that you leave this website with a bit more appreciation for this planet and with some inspiration to take charge and become a conscious citizen of the Earth, spreading only love, positivity and compassion.

I am always available to anyone who needs my help, assistance or advice. Feel free to contact me via social media or email.